It is our goal not just to provide a wide variety of activities, but to constantly improve the quality of these activities - Giving you, the camper, an experience you will never forget!


Summer Activities 

Note: Not all activities are offered in our Day Camp program. Please refer to the day camp section of our website or contact our offices for more details. 


There is no better way to cool off and have fun at HBC than a dip in the pool!




Our still-water pond provides a relaxing location for a gentle canoe ride, a speedy zip in a kayak, or a bounce off of the water trampoline!

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*Life-jackets must be worn at all times




For those that want to experience extreme adventure! Our paintball camps provide a safe environment to push yourself to the limit!! Paintball for ages 7-9 is target based only, with competitive play beginning at age 10+. 




How good is your aim? Find out with Archery.



Laser Tag

Our newest skill is Laser Tag! This is a sport that will be enjoyed by all ages. Feel the heart pumping thrill of marking your opponent - without the sting of a paintball! 



Chapel is the place where campers and staff participate in learning God's Word in an interactive and memorable way. Focusing on the Good News message of Jesus Christ, campers will twice daily (overnight camp - once per day for day camp) for instructional and encouraging lessons from God's Word by skilled Bible teachers. Components of chapel may include music, audio/visual presentations, games, object lessons. scripture memorization, Bible lesson, and more! 

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After enjoying all the winter activities, You'll be ready for our delicious home cooked meals!



Winter Activities



Hop a ride on a tube. You are sure to love our sliding hill!! (weather permitting)



Outdoor Excitement!

When the weather is right, there is no end to the fun that can be had with friends in the snow! (weather permitting)