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Leadership Training Camp (June 26-30)

This intensive, multi-day training camp is a time of preparation for all summer staff and volunteers. This week will emphasize team building, gospel centered ministry, personal and spiritual growth, orientation in our summer camp program, and training in One Hope Canada policies. Attendance is mandatory and exceptions will only be given at the discretion of the camp director. 

Special Friends Camp* (July 2-7)

This week is specially designed for adults with intellectual disabilities. Return to meet old friends or come for the first time to make new ones! Activities include watersports, swimming, horseback riding, archery, paintball, arts and crafts, drama and more! The week concludes with a talent show, so come with your musical instrument or special talent ready to present. 

*Special Friends campers must have independent mobility and provide their own personal care (showering, dressing, toilet, etc). Nursing staff is onsite for emergency medical care and medicine distribution.

Junior Exploration (July 9-14) 

Begin your camping experience with a week of swimming, nature discovery, water-sports, horseback riding, archery, and much, much more. Elementary age children will love this camp as they learn new skills and make lifelong friends! 

Middle School Mayhem (July 16-21)

Come alone or with friends for a mind-blowing adventure! Enjoy daily challenges featuring all regular activities and choose a concentration in paintball*, horsemanship or adventure. 

*Only paintballs and equipment provided by Hampton Bible Camp are permitted. Each camper receives 500 balls and co2 for the week. Bonus paintballs may be purchased from the Tuck Shop at a cost of $5/100.  

Beginner Camp (July 26-28)

This camp is designed to give young children an introductory camp experience during a shortened week. Campers will arrive between 8-9am on Wednesday (breakfast will not be served, but there will be a mid-morning snack) and remain until Friday at 5pm. HBC understands that the first camping experience may be challenging for young children, and this is a great way to get started. 

Junior Intermediate Camps (July 30-August 4 / August 13-18)

These are combined age group camps which give you the option of sending multiple children of varying ages to the same week of camp. Both of these weeks is a specialty horsemanship and paintball camp, with every child receiving age appropriate* lessons and activities in their chosen program. The second week has an "Adventure" only option without horsemanship or paintball for a lesser fee. 

*Paintball for children age 10 and under will be an introduction to the sport via safety training and target shooting only. Competition is reserved for children aged 11+.

Teen Pursuits (August 6-11)

Join us for an exciting adventure for the week where you choose the program!

Pursuits Include:

A - Dirt Bike: Learn from experienced instructors the fundamentals of motorcycling. Sessions will include classroom instruction and hands-on experience with small displacement bikes. Space is limited to the first 14 applicants. Safety equipment (helmet, gloves, chest protection) is provided. Riders must supply their own laced safety boots which cover the ankles and full length jeans for riding. 

B - Horsemanship: If you love horses and are seeking to develop your riding skills, then this will be your pursuit! This pursuit is designed for riders who want to improve their riding fundamentals and will receive two hours of instruction and saddle time each day. Enjoy daily English riding lessons and Western games to build your confidence and skill. Trail rides are included in the program. 

C - Adventure: This pursuit includes daily paintball tournaments and all other core activities. Please note, only paintballs and equipment provided by Hampton Bible Camp are permitted. Bonus paintballs may be purchased from the Tuck Shop at a cost of $5/100. 


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